Two Poems

My brother in Biddle City. Was famous for making. The winter/ flowers/ bloom.

Winter Flowers In Biddle City

My  brother  in  Biddle  City.  Was  famous  for  making.  The  winter  flowers
bloom.  He  was  fourteen  years  old.  Was  famous  for  making.  A big fuss in
town.  He was fourteen years old.  Football players watched him, a big fuss in
town. This round-headed boy. Football players watched.  As the flowers rose
from snow. This round-headed boy. Didn’t know that he was strange. As the
flowers  rose from snow.  The crowds of people whispered.  I knew this family
was   strange.   What’s   with   this   boy   who   loves   flowers?
  The  crowds  of  people
whispered.   Football   players   tied   him   up.   What’s   with   this   boy   who   loves
?  My  brother  in  Biddle  City.    Football  players  tied  him  up.  As  the
winter flowers bloomed.

Falling In Love In Biddle City

My first kiss was with a snowman.  It made my lips numb  and  tingly.  Then,
finally,  I  kissed  a real-life  person in  ninth grade;  we rolled  around in  pine
cones.  It  made  my lips  numb  and tingly.  In my chest,  a  Midwestern heart.
Come,  we  can roll  along in the pine cones.  I’ll show you  my hand,  point to
places.   My   heart  was   a  Midwestern  heart.   With  farmland,  deep  forests.
Touch   my   hand,   I’ll  show  you  places.   Near  the  river  where  we  can  go.
Within farmland, deep forests. We’ll grow corn. Howl at the moon. Near the
river  where  we  will  go.   And  I  will  wear  my puffy  coat.  We’ll grow corn,
howl at the moon. While making love in the snow. And I will wear my puffy
coat, and you: your pom-pom hat.  While  making love  in the snow, my first
kiss was with a snowman.  And you and your pom-pom hat.  Finally,  I kissed
a real-life person.

About the author

Marianne Chan grew up in Stuttgart, Germany, and Lansing, Michigan. She is the author of All Heathens (Sarabande, 2020). Her poems have appeared in Michigan Quarterly ReviewThe Cincinnati ReviewWest BranchThe Rumpus, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati.