What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Writer?: What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Writer?


Some Notes Against the Burden of Representation

In the 2018 biographical film MANTO, directed by Nandita Das, the Urdu fiction writer Ismat Chughtai selects a pine nut from the handful in her palm and cracks it open with her teeth.

Excerpt from Blood Towers

Of all the things he said I can recall only two: He said it all begins at the churning He said this world and its inhabitants are the color of half-baked bricks because the brick maker was distracted and left his task unfinished.

Seven Lists

It took seventeen minutes for the policemen to arrive.

Our Place

There are only a few days in town that really blister, the kind of days that smell like hot garbage.

Two Poems

In the streets of Al Nasiriyah / or was it Al Nassriyah?

For Immigrant Parents

Two Poems

Two Poems


Two Poems

Four Poems

Hagar Poems: A Selected Reading

Field Marks

Two Poems


Making Peace With English: What I Learned from Reading in French

On his release from prison in the spring of 1962, Ahmed Ben Bella proclaimed: “Nous sommes des Arabes! [We are Arabs!]”