“Mapping Literary Urbanism”: An Introduction to Littered T.O., Summer 2014 Svpplement

In 1998, Toronto amalgamated with its five neighbouring municipalities to make the city we know.

Duck-Diving Tsunamis

Six months after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami had laid waste to his village, Seijiro Tanaka sat across the table from student-teacher Maya Sangwal in the Language Center at Toronto’s Trenton College and pressed the pads of his fingers to his throat.

Picnic in the Median

Love, there’s nowhere to sit. Not in my cramped room with books strewn on the ground.

Views from the 6

Uncivil Elegy 1: Glassed In

Queue the Sequin Sequence


Street Legal

In a small park near the street, a buried tape recorder broadcasts the voice of a man reading poetry, and people cluster around it, kneeling with their ears to the ground, so they can listen.

Raccoon City

The pre-dawn silence of a summer morning is shattered by shrieks, shouts, and the heavy thud of a shovel grinding against flesh and fur.

Something to Build On: An Interview with Shawn Micallef

Part of what I discuss is how fluid definitions of class are; they’re more about relative social standing and self-perception than simple income figures.

Wandering of the Semantic: An Interview with Amy Lavender Harris

Imagining Toronto reconstructs the city’s neighbourhoods, ravines, icons, and history through the novels, poetry, and essays written about Toronto from its origins to the twenty-first century.