Pure Indulgence

- Hayley Gold


Pure Indulgence, a four-page comic, is copyright 2023 by Hayley Gold, and is being licensed to The Ex-Puritan for one-time, non-exclusive use.

Sometimes I get a vision of pages in my head—the words, the exact words in their perfect rhythm, like poetry. And the images—the whole page design, the cadence of the panels. I see it all. And then I get all stressed out because I need to make it real but all I want to do is sleep and I hate thinking about specs and trying to make my vision fit standard layouts and all that shit in the hopes someone will print it (Yeah, right. Like that’ll happen—Let’s just say I don’t use the most commercial themes). But I do it anyway, because taking that image I saw in my head and pulling it out like a kerchief betwixt my fingers, and then flattening it out on a sheet of paper, on a screen, making it real —that is the only reason I exist. So, um, to be anticlimactic, that’s what happened here in, uh, what’s this thing called, oh, yes, in “Pure Indulgence.”

(JK, I know the title, duh. It had to be perfect.)

Hayley Gold is a New York-based cartoonist whose 2023 graphic novel Nervosa has been nominated for an Ignatz Award. She enjoys making comics that use original constructions and discuss difficult topics, such as her Letters to Margaret comics, which are double-sided, telling the story from two perspectives, and involve crossword puzzles in the storytelling. Future topics she wishes to explore are the works of Emily Dickinson in a modern context as a psychological thriller, and a sequel to Nervosa, also in the form of a psychological thriller because her life is that fucking scary. Hmm, at this point the whole third person business is kinda getting awkward, no? Anyway, you can reach her on Twitter or X or whatever Elon’s calling it these days @HayleyRabbit. Do it, she’s lonely.

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