Issue 65: Spring 2024 is Here!

Dear Readers,

Though it's slightly more summery than usual, we're happy to share Issue 65: Spring 2024!

In fiction, check out "Sea Glass" by H. Felix Chau Bradley, "Camouflage and Flame" by Evan J, and "DonJuan 3000" by Kelly S. Thompson.

Our hybrid section features "listening to the universe: meteorite" by nina jane drystek and "Withdraw" by Taro Williams.

Over in poetry, read "Sciatica Ornithology" by Samantha Jones; "guzzle I [i have no urge]" "guzzle III [somewhere nearby]," "guzzle IV, [the thought walked in]" and "guzzle VII [you were kind]" by Madeleine Caritas Longman; "WHO IS THIS GOOSE EATING GOOSE?" by Vanessa Deering; "The Friending of Burden" and "omfg" by Rob Macaisa Colgate, and "coup de foudre" by Jenna Lyn Albert.

This issue's essays are "Jane" by Tanya N. Cheong and "Thoughts from a Beirut Party Bus: Cultural Performance as Resistance" by Nooralhuda Al-Qayem.

Our interviews feature an interview of Heidi Reimer by Masooma Hussain and a conversation between Julianna A.S. and Anu Oluwa

Last but not least, our reviews section includes reviews of Allison Graves' Soft Serve by Ariella Kharasch, Ocean Vuong's Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ezra M. Serra, Klara du Plessis' l'impossible and Klara du Plessis and Khashayar "Kess" Mohammadi's by Robert Colman, and Jean Marc Ah-Sen's Kilworthy Tanner by Noah Ciubotaru

Congratulations to Drew McEwan on her first issue as Poetry Editor! We hope you all enjoy this issue as much as we do. 

Happy reading!
The Editors

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