Issue 62: Summer 2023 is here!

Dear Readers,

Happy August! Issue 62: Summer 2023 is here!

Our fiction section features “Miigwetch Rex” by Cody Caetano, "Celebration of Life" by Michael Melgaard, and “Not Compost" by Judith Newcomb Stiles.

Over in hybrid/experimental, read "Rebis" by ReVerse Butcher and Kylie Supskie, "The Temple of Inconvenient Sisterhood" by Christine Shan Shan Hou and Vi Khi Nao, and "Pure Indulgence" by Hayley Gold.

This issue's poetry features "Inside of you there is a small battery" and "Bronzino's Portrait of Lodovico Capponi" by Joseph Kidney, "A Scene" and "Metaphors" by Gillian Sze, "Every dawn i played tennis with Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, "Elegy for the Hydra" and "Sègre" by Guillermo Ruiz Plaza (trans. Joaquín Gavilano), and "There's No Room in This Bed For You, Shinji Ikari" by John Elizabeth Stintzi.

In essays, check out "three hours with papa johnny" by andrea lianne grabowski and "Listen" by Sylvia Stopforth.

Our featured interviews include Melanie Power interviewed by Carlos A. Pittella and Martha Sharpe interviewed by Marlowe Granados.

Last but not least, read reviews of Natalie Wee's Beast at Every Threshold by Namitha Rathinappillai and Mariam Pirbhai's Isolated Incident by Akosua Adasi.

With that, we are proud to present Issue 62. We hope you enjoy our latest!

All the best,
The Editors

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