Austin Clarke Prize 2023 Shortlists

We're so thrilled to share the shortlists for the 2023 Austin Clarke Literary Prize in Excellence! These pieces were chosen by our judges Cody Caetano (fiction) and Billy-Ray Belcourt (poetry). 


  • "fleshfed tallgrass" by Calum Robertson
  • "Bedtime Routine" by Zoe Greenberg
  • "The Prism" by Katie Zdybel
  • “Screech” by Mahika Perera
  • "A Moment for Indra Singh" by Trent Lewin


  • "trans everything" by nic lachance
  • "Praise Us, For We Are Dead" by Fareh Malik
  • "(O)" by Anna Veprinska
  • "inheritance" by Nikki Ummel

Congratulations to the shortlisted writers; stay tuned for the winners!

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