Minority Vibration


Minority Vibration

“Are atoms matter?” my co-teacher asks. I put up my hand when she instructs all of those who think that atoms are matter too, and to my answer, a student—also a Chinese-Canadian in China (he’s from Vancouver as well), tells me that I’m stupid and asks if I even went to university, to which some of the other students chuckle.

Throwing Bricks

I yank loose the screen door, feeling the rush of humidity, and step out to join him on the balcony.

An Aversion to Heights

It occurs to me now, as I put to paper both the first and last of my thoughts, that there exists a peculiarity to the art of storytelling, in that all narration is the bearing out of a grand dramatic irony—that is, the narrator herself, by necessity of the medium, must understand the unfolding events not as some living, active process, but rather as teleology.

Elementary Brioche

Tian Fang was just sixteen when he went to the Big City.


Transversing past and present, SUCK MY HOUSE invites the audience to inhabit an imaginative, haunted house where Japanese identities that aim to encompass complementarity, formless forms of “Japaneseness” are showcased.

Migrants at Bay

Sybertek: Migrants at Bay is a speculative reflection on the migrant crisis by CAM Collective, researched and prototyped for the ADA-DADA 2020-2021 residency.