Literature in Translation: TranslationSupplement


A Conversation Across Languages

Read Derick Mattern's introduction to The Puritan's 2018 fall supplementary, Literature in Translation, then check out our writing contest!

Two Stories

Read Mary King Bradley's translation of Virginia Suk-yin Ng's short stories “Good Fate” and “600 Square Feet” from The Puritan's translation supplement.

Fall Is the Last Season of the Year/پاییز فصل آخر سال است

The city seems to have just risen

The Clitoris That Drags Her Skirts/Eteklerini Sürüyen Bızır

Everyone awoke having forgotten the previous night’s drama that had shaken them all to the core

Two Poems

Read Kelsi Vanada's translation of Marie Silkeberg's poetry from The Puritan's translation supplement, then check out our writing contest!

A form of listening/O formă de ascultare

Prayer (or, The Apple)/Το Μήλο (Η Αγία Ειρήνη και ο Ποιητής)

Five Poems

Five Poems


“Everything is Translatable”: An Interview With Jennifer Croft

Translation exists in a strange ontological category