Judges 14

— Amanda Earl


Judges 14 is a visual poem made from the text of the Book of Judges, Chapter 14 from the Old Testament, King James Version, copied and pasted from https://www.biblegateway.com/. The poem is one of 393 visual poems made as part of the Vispo Bible, a project began in 2015 to translate every book, chapter and verse of the Bible into visual poetry. I have completed 21 books from the Bible so far. For more information about the Vispo Bible, please visit Amanda Luvz Vispo.

Amanda Earl (she/her) has been a working writer and editor in multiple genres for over twenty years. Her mission is whimsy, exploration, and connection with fellow misfits. She has published poetry, visual poetry, short fiction and a novel.

Earl is a queer writer, visual poet, editor, and publisher who lives on Algonquin Anishinaabeg traditional territory, colonially known as Ottawa, Ontario. Earl is managing editor of Bywords.ca, and editor of Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (Timglaset Editions, Sweden, 2021).

Her books include Beast Body Epic (AngelHousePress, 2023), Genesis, (Timglaset Editions, 2023), Trouble (Hem Press, 2022), and Kiki (Chaudiere Books, 2014; Invisible Publishing, Canada, 2019); A World of Yes (Devil House, 2014) and Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl (Coming Together, 2014).

In 2024 a digital chapbook entitled Seasons, an excerpt from Welcome to Upper Zygonia will be published by Full House Literary.

More information is available at AmandaEarl.com and https://linktr.ee/amandaearl. You can also subscribe to her newsletter, Amanda Thru the Looking Glass for sporadic updates on publishing activities, chronic health issues, the inner workings of AngelHousePress, calls for submissions and more.

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