I roll onto my side, mindful to not rest too much weight on the cast around my left wrist.

The Age of Viability

"We can't do it," Jack said.

One Way Out

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A space for exploring experimental and multi-form writing in combination with disciplines including (but not limited to) visual art, mixed-media, science and technology, audio, performance, and video; a space of endless possibility.

Digital Death

Judges 14


"Wisdom" and "Sonohysterogram"

Growing out of his skull / like some holy weed.

What can I say to you in four breaths?

Dorian Does Dock-Road

Two Poems

Walk After the End


We Are Human

The phoenix burns and rises from the ashes, but no ashes are left to be reborn from.

The Piano Teacher: On Grief and Queerness

There’s a certain depth of alienation that no tender force can refute.

“That Careful Distillation”: An Interview with T. Liem

What are we made of, if not repetitions and alterations?

A Conversation with Sheila Heti

This interview is a time capsule of sorts: first published in The Ex-Puritan (formerly called The Puritan) in 2009 by the publication’s co-founder, Spencer Gordon, lost through the often ephemeral nature of digital media, and then recently rediscovered through the magic of an internet archive known as the Wayback Machine.

Beauty in the Brokenness: A Review of Geoff Inverarity’s All the Broken Things

Galiano Island writer Geoff Inverarity’s website describes him as someone who “writes poetry for people who don’t usually like poetry (and for those who usually do).”

Crooked, Iffy: Tom Prime’s Male Pregnancy In Reverse

In his 2023 full-length title, Male Pregnancy in Reverse (New Star Books), Tom Prime seems to be inventing schizo-savvy word fields to extort, jam heterogenous Englishes into, and drill through (think trepanning) to startle, thwart,, and baffle.