Listening to Austin

I first came to Canada when I was 19 years old.
Fiction Prize

WINNER: Bedtime Routine

She lay next to her son, his body steaming like raw dough in the oven.

RUNNER-UP: A Moment for Indra Singh

How I came to know that Indra Singh regularly went to other worlds was nothing more than a bookmark nestled in a Kurt Vonnegut book that came spinning out when I knocked the book off an end table.
Poetry Prize

WINNER: Praise Us, For We Are Dead

An imam shouts over bullhorn feedback, and broadcasts that we need to welcome and provide for a new Pakistani family in the area.

RUNNER-UP: inheritance

ACROSS: 2. shorn hair /one less thing to hold

Stopgap Rhapsody

This goddamn song cannot be stuck in my head anymore.

Blood and Water

Giles woke to the sounds of screams being abruptly cut off.

Family Vacation

Four men, shirtless or in black, neoprene wetsuits, stood chest-deep in the water, assembling the last segments of a dock that reached out into the shallow lake.

A space for exploring experimental and multi-form writing in combination with disciplines including (but not limited to) visual art, mixed-media, science and technology, audio, performance, and video; a space of endless possibility.

Inside Outside Die

Partition and Other Stories

3-Panel Comics


two poems

I would, I say. What makes you so good, / you say.


crying in zoom school III

four poems

"Strigoi" and "Lămurire"

Piano Lessons

on my shoulders



Mayday (Prunus padus): a flowering deciduous tree in the rose family.

Wobble | Fall | Impact

A former colleague of mine was a formidable chatterbox.

Coming of Age: An Interview Between Sarah Feldbloom and Sofia Mostaghimi

Sofia Mostaghimi and I met back in 2019, when she edited my short story “Good Thing” for Broken Pencil Magazine, in which a young girl takes a 16 hour bus ride through the mountains to visit a lover she’s haunted by having left behind.

Nasser Hussain’s New Collection Plays Love Games

Nasser Hussain's second book with Coach House opens with the abecedarian procession, "Sing // alove blove clove dlove / elove ... zlove".

What Happens Next—As If Continuously Reaching Elsewhere: A Review of T. Liem's Slows: Twice

T. Liem’s sophomore collection of poetry, Slows: Twice opens with an epigraph that is one part discomforting and one part expectant.

Of Grace and Cruelty: A Review of Burn Diary by Joshua Chris Bouchard

In his debut poetry collection Burn Diary, Joshua Chris Bouchard pieces together his memories of growing up in a small town in Northern Ontario.

On the Time We Forget in Olga Ravn’s My Work

When I work as an astrologer, I find that people are more comfortable pinning their personalities to constellations than they are asking their mothers about their birth times.

Rageful Laminations

Most of the stories we tell, we do so without realizing.