Sequoyah's Tree

In this dusty world, I crave only one thing: an otherhood of trees.

How to Disappear

Asher's house was covered in wallpaper. Every room, every wall, each with a different pattern.

A space for exploring experimental and multi-form writing in combination with disciplines including (but not limited to) visual art, mixed-media, science and technology, audio, performance, and video; a space of endless possibility.


Typewriter Lessons

Excerpt from "Wedding Archive"



In beloved darkness, / surfeited with arrows, / I wheel, unfixed.


The Speaker Tells a Story. The Voices Ask a Question.

extracts from aboutness

Molue of Yeg


Broken Things

I get to Montreal in the afternoon and almost trip over a padded envelope waiting inside the front door of my apartment.

I Am Your Racial Rorschach Test

My mother often says that I have the kind of face that makes people want to tell me their problems.

[Literary] Ecstasy is Necessary | after Ecstasy is Necessary: An Interview/Conversation Between Megan Fernandes and Alexei Perry Cox

Initially, I thought I would ask Megan Fernandes about her ongoing novel ZELIA, a breakup story between a chef and a writer told in two time periods, because I too have a forthcoming parallel perspective novella set in two unending time periods [...]

Deluges of Memory in the Dark: An Interview with Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin

I met Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin for the first time via Google Meet; she was in Edinburgh, and I was across the Atlantic Ocean in Toronto.

Jamaica in Toronto: A Review of Tanya Turton's Jade Is a Twisted Green

“...tongues heavy with Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Caribbean accents. Colourful tongues match the vibrant tones of the box braids, saris, jersey dresses, sandals, lipsticks, and A-line bobs.”

The Political and The Politicized: Deterritorialization in Canadian Poetry

Before I state what this review is, I will state what it isn’t.