but i made a choice twelve hours ago that locked me out of your questline.

but i made a choice twelve hours ago that locked me out of your questline. i don’t even like this
game, but i want all the trophies so it feels like i’ve won. if i can’t like something then i have to
be better than it. plus you’re so sexy and i want to see you in tights. i want to see you scraped up
in a torn shirt and jeans, assets stressing the verts your coder gave you. (it’s rebellious for me to
want this because you are a man. if you were a woman it would just be fucked up.) i could go
back to an old save, make a different choice, grow to understand and love you, be rewarded with
your anti-aliased bulges wrapped in denim, pulsing idly. look, i know if you were real that you’d
be straight. but you were obfuscated, blank-slated by committee so i’d buy the DLC. i want to
unlock your c ostume that’s just the woman’s costume but on your body. i think it’s supposed to
be a joke, but most things i like are a joke. i think i want you to be embarrassed that i want you.
like you weren’t programmed for it, like i am forcing you to wear this or do that. i am queering
you and this is wrong of me. i want to wring your code til joy comes out. you are everyone who
never wanted to unlock all my additional costumes. i want to count. i want to be played with. i
want to be forced beyond my flawed desire by someone new in a better utopia. i am going back
to my old save. i am going to brute-force the right choices. i am going to make you mine but
completely. i am going to get a trophy.