Denial Sonnet

  This first statement delays us to survey the lounge. In this statement, we have hidden our present, or forgot its location. Light makes no sequence. We may be driven to the scenic route to see a stapler on the lurch, or be driven to a mask, or a template, but at this stage, we are deftly insensible to the photographs. We are in a statistics of incipience shore. We depart to shop, which makes symptoms possible. We gleem numb. We wool how we can gleem on, if we can gleem on, why we should gleem on. There is syntax in delay. Sinks in the householes drain cranial matter, and it is the driver who invites more gusts than we can swindle.

About the author

Lynn McClory is a Toronto poet. She attended UWO and graduated from U of T in the dark ages. She has had poems published in Jay MillAr and Mark Truscott’s BafterC Magazine, jw curry’s industrial sabotage, Ars Medica, online at, and on the website where she writes poetics. Lynn is a member of the Influency Salon magazine editorial group.